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Teaching your child to say “No”

(By Anya Abdulakh, Founder of 3 House Club and blogger for parents | London) As a mother of 8 and 10 years old children in London, I am more and more thinking how to teach children to say “No”. I am doing my best to teach my children to make the right choices in life but it is very hard to confront peer pressure. I am not sure if my children will be strong enough to say “no” to watching a movie during a sleep-over that would give them nightmares, or “no” to watching a disturbing video on YouTube during a play-date, or “no” to drugs when they are older

The importance of Intelligent Disobedience

What follows is distilled from an article written by David Lee Finkle or “The Real Mr. Fitz” regarding my statement that “intelligent disobedience must be taught in schools”: … You can’t get students to question and learn intelligent disobedience if you, yourself, are not allowed to question