“Do it because I said so” Why children should not obey adults in everything

Do it because I said so

This article is a result of Google Translation so there are grammatical errors, and words and ideas that are poorly translated. It is sufficiently important that these ideas are being communicated in many cultures to share this imperfect text. – Ira Chaleff

The bias towards the education of obedience is very insidious. But, observing ourselves and adhering to a given course, we can fulfill a parental and social role in transmitting the necessary cultural norms, without creating models of blind submission to authority out of fear, coercion or habit.Read full article

Source: Orthodox Christianity and the World, the most visited Orthodox Christian website in Russia today.

Further reading: Resources and Tips for Teaching Children Intelligent Disobedience

Do it because I said so (2020 © Ira Chaleff)

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